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Think green


We want to partner with you to protect & preserve our environment. We provide free pickup of your UNWANTED DEAD LEAD ACID BATTERIES. Call us to schedule the free pickup.


Our "Green technology" recycling process prevents a whole lot of toxic lead acid batteries from entering our landfills & waterways.


We are proud to be a corporate partner of Alberta Conservation Association and are actively involved in conserving, preserving and protecting our eco-system both in Canada & around the world.



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Be your own boss

    • Start this explosive niche business without breaking your bank account & in a space as big as your car garage.


    • Lead acid batteries are used across several industries around the world. There are thousands of them being discarded each day & given away for free or at a small cost. Start capitalizing on someone elses junk!


    • Our Battery Reconditioning System brings dead lead acid batteries back to life without having to take them apart, is simple to operate & eco-friendly.


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    • This business opportunity is among the best business opportunities of the 21st century. It is a green technology lead acid battery reconditioning system that is easy to setup and with the opportunities to rejuvenate dead auto, car, industrial batteries.


    • Battery reconditioning process of this kind has opened opportunities for people around the world to start their own business with endless opportunities to make lots of money. These kind of opportunities do not come along very often. We highly recommend that you take advantage fo this business opportunities at your earliest. This is a limited time opportunities and quick action may be required.