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Restoration and repair Batteries

All our car-suv-truck-heavy equipment & deep cycle lead acid batteries are restored using our proprietary battery reconditioning "Green Technology" system. Our battery reconditioning system is is eco-friendly. We always strive to maintain the highest quality standards which our customers consistently attest to. Batteries reconditioned using our system have been put to the test under some extreme weather conditions (-60 deg C) and stood up extremely well under these harsh conditions. We warranty all our products and our customer care is second to none. Make us your one-stop battery supplier and start noticing the difference. Every battery is rated to -30 to -40 degrees and certified to perform to original manufacturer standards with consistent starting power every time. But our guarantee doesn’t stop there. We also offer the best replacement policy in the business.

Forklift battery diagnosing, maintenance and repair offer a green and affordable alternative to new batteries.

All our restore batteries are fully tested and 100% guaranteed! Starting at $60.00 with warranty, our batteries are ideal for:

  • cars

  • trucks

  • boats

  • atvs

  • industrial forklifts

​Have a question? Feel free to give us a call Mitch 780-984-2257 for automotive batteries.

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